STUDIO MINC dresses can be worn with or without Bra Cups.
However, many customer's prefer the addition of Padded or Non-Padded Bra Cups, because they add support, shaping, extra volume, and/or create cleavage.
Our Bra Cup solution saves you time and stress looking for a suitable bra alternative, specifically for backless, strapless, and low cut dresses.

Our Bra Cups are available Padded or Non-Padded.
Bra Cups are available in Black or White. We will choose the most suitable colour to be sewn into your dress. 

Purchase our 'Bra Cups' alongside your chosen dress and they will be sewn in prior to shipment. 

  • Padded Bra Cups:  The optimum choice if added volume and extra cleavage is the desired look. Choose padded if your bust size is smaller than the bust size of your dress. We recommend Padded Cups for flat/small chests. 

  • Non - Padded Bra Cups: A good choice for those with a larger bust that want a little extra support, or shaping. Bra cups are ideal in backless dresses where a strapless bra cannot be worn. We recommend Non-Padded for medium to large busts. 

NOTE: Bra cups are sewn in using the 'floating method'. This method uses minimal stitching with allows the fabric and bust shaping to stretch and mould over the bust when worn. 

NOTE: There are no returns or exchanges on gowns that have been customised or altered. 

  • $35.00 AUD