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Purchase bra cups alongside your dress and they will be sewn into your dress. 
STUDIO MINC dresses can be worn with or without bra cups.

Many customer's choose the addition of sewn in Padded or Non-Padded Bra Cups, because they offer added support, bust shaping, extra volume, and/or create cleavage


Our Bra Cups are available in your choice of: 

  • Padded: The best choice for flat/small chests.  Padded bra cups are recommended if added volume, size and extra cleavage is the desired look. Choose padded cups if your bust size measures smaller than the bust size of your dress.  

  • Non-Padded: The best choice for those with a larger/full bust that want extra support, bust shaping/moulding. Non- padded bra cups help lift your bust.

Bra Cups are available in: 

  • Black
  • White 

When you purchase Bra Cups with your chosen dress they will be sewn into your garment. We will choose the most accurate size and appropriate colour based on your dress purchase. 
Bra cups are sewn in using the 'floating method'. This method uses minimal stitching, which allows the fabric and bust shaping to stretch and mould over the bust naturally.  


Sewn in bra cups are not suitable in the following styles:

  • Cascade (all lengths)
  • Luna
  • Essence (all lengths)
  • Shisha  

A sticky bra is the ideal solution where bra cups cannot be sewn in


There are no returns or exchanges on gowns that have been purchased with sewn in bra cups. The removal of sewn in bra cups can leave small holes in the lining which prevents the garment from being resold in 'Brand New' condition.