• Complete Minc Lash Pack
  • Complete Minc Lash Pack
  • Complete Minc Lash Pack
  • Complete Minc Lash Pack
  • Complete Minc Lash Pack
  • Complete Minc Lash Pack
  • Complete Minc Lash Pack

Complete Minc Lash Pack

$75.00 $95.75


Studio Minc's complete lash pack includes the Foxy lashes, Angel, Flirty, and Dolly lashes, and DUO adhesive. This pack is valued at $88.75 ($95.75 with shipping). For Christmas we are offering the complete set for $75.00 and cutting your shipping costs, which saves you $20.00! This is the perfect gift for make up lovers, or perhaps you want to save on lashes before the holiday season!   


Studio Minc's luxury lashes are handmade with 100% real naturally shed mink hair. 
Studio Minc's designer lashes are durable and extremely natural looking. These lashes can take your look to the next level of glamour! Don't get caught with dodgy and tacky looking lashes! 

Studio Minc's luxury lashes can be worn up to 25 times with proper application and care, whereas synthetic lashes usually last up to 4 uses!  



Foxy lashes are our fullest, and thickest lashes, and are perfect for those go-to smokey eyes.

These lashes take any glam make up look to the next level in a way that looks natural and striking! 

These lashes are our BEST SELLER and never fail to provide that jaw dropping reaction. 


Dolly lashes open the eyes to create the illusion of bigger, innocent, doll-like eyes

They add a little cuteness and touch of glam! These lashes are of medium volume and perfect with many make up looks.


Studio Minc's flirty lashes are our most natural looking lashes. These lashes are slightly fluffy and look perfect with a natural make up look, or if you're going for that bronzed, sun-kissed glow! These lashes thicken and lengthen your lashes to create enviable looking eyelashes. Take these lashes from day to night!


Angel Lashes are our only winged eyelashes. This means they are shaped to be shorter on the inner corner and lengthen towards the outer corner of the eye. We recommend these lashes to emphasise looks using winged eyeliner techniques. These lashes are seductive and sexy!   

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