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  • Break Free Red
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Break Free Red

$500.00 $875.00

      * No refunds for Sale goods. Sale items available on payment plan. 
  • Red thick double knit. Very soft and stretchy with sheen finish. 95% polyester 5% spandex.
  • Sweetheart neckline bandeau fully boned with hook and eyes  
  • Fishtail cut skirt nips in waist 
  • Fishtail cut hemmed with stiffening for a fluted finish
  • Centre split for easy movement   
  • 20cm zip in centre back
  • The dress measures 110cm from waist to floor
  • Choker (optional) with button
  • Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent
  • Wash separately 
  • Dry Flat
  • Do not soak
  • Do not hang to dry
  • Do not wring
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean 
  • Model wears size 1
  • Model is 5'8' and wears heels 9cm high
  • Dress is designed to fit snug
  • Garment is true to size 
  • Fall in between sizes or a mix of sizes? Choose smaller for a very snug fit and choose larger for a more relaxed and comfortable fit. 

HEM ALTERATION ($40.00) Adjusting the hem is a very common alteration that may be required when purchasing a floor length gown, specifically if you want the dress perfect for YOU. The hem of our formal gowns should preferably skim the floor, or sit a few centimetres on the ground.  We can adjust the length of your gown simply with a few measurements, and your gown will be ready to wear when it arrives at your home. Our hem alteration costs $40.00. You can add this service to your product before checkout.
TAKING THE MEASUREMENTS WE REQUIRE We require two simple measurement to adjust the length of your dress.
  1.  Waist to Floor Measurement when wearing your heels of choice.
    - This measurement should be taken at the side of the body (as shown in video)

  2. Total Bodice Measurement
    - This measurement should be taken at the side of the body (as shown in video)
The combination of these measurements allows us to get a picture of your height and body type, and determine how the dress fits. View our video below for more information about taking accurate measurements.  
BUST CUPS ($35.00) Another popular service we offer is the addition of bra cups. Bra cups are a great no 
fuss bra solution. We offer padded and non - padded cups and sew in the size which
best matches the size of the dress ordered.
We can add either padded or non- padded cups to your purchase for $35.00
  • Padded bra cups are the optimum choice if added volume and extra cleavage is the desired look.

  • Non - padded bra cups are a good choice for those with a larger bust that want a little extra support. Bra cups are ideal in backless dresses where a strapless bra cannot be worn.


Please remember, we are here to help you every step of the way. Confused about sizes and don't know your best fit? Please Contact us on 07 5679 1815 or email us at enquire@studiominc.com.au and we can guide you and help you choose the perfect dress for you.


  1. Can I wear a bra under this garment or is a bra required?
    A bra is not required underneath this gown unless extra support is needed. You cannot wear a bra underneath this dress because the bandeau is open at the back. You can wear a sticky bra. We can also sew in padded or non-padded cups for added support or extra volume. You can add cups to your order before check out. 
  2. What underwear should I wear?
    We recommend a seamless and soft fitting G- string to be worn under this garment, or spanx from the waist.
  3. What are common alterations required for this dress?
    We do not recommend many alterations for this dress. Hemming is not recommended due to the higher cost of removing stiffening etc. This dress can we worn by women 5'3 - 5'9.  


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