Studio Minc dresses are sold exclusively from our Studio Minc retail stores & Studio Minc E-boutique. At Studio Minc we take pride in our designs, quality, manufacturing and customer service, which is why we choose to sell exclusively from Studio Minc.


Studio Minc takes pride in solely selling dresses that are in brand new condition, with tailoring/alteration options available to perfectly cater to the customer's body and height.

Studio Minc has NO association with any rental gowns or rental businesses, and therefore cannot verify the authenticity of any dress sold from a third party.
Studio Minc has no control or association with the condition or quality of any rental gown, nor can verify the design as an original, as sold by Studio Minc.


Studio Minc Pty Ltd has not given permission to any business or individual to use any intellectual property belonging to Studio Minc Pty Ltd. Any business using Studio Minc's name, intellectual property rights, logos and images are breaking the intellectual property laws and are also compromising section 18 of the Australian consumer law. 


Studio Minc does not wish to be represented by dresses either fake, altered or once original Studio Minc dresses now in appalling condition, being rented over and over again with no concern for standards or quality.