Design Diary: Italia

There is no question that every Studio Minc customer is on the hunt for the dress

of their dreams. With the demand for something different, and something unique,

Studio Minc is ditching the traditional ‘collection’ and introducing the

Design Diary: Italia a body of work inspired by and designed for Italy -

individual dresses - masterpieces that each have their own story.  

Commencing June, our Design Diary: Italia will allow you to follow the visual process

of each unique handcrafted dress, from the sketch to construction, to release.

Each dress has it’s own story and visual process. Each dress is a unique masterpiece.


This concept allows our team to explore the latest trends, new colours, and individuality,

without being confined by the conventional collection.

With new unique gowns arriving weekly, Studio Minc will always cater for those

on the hunt for something different, and something new.

Follow our design diary on Instagram (@studio_minc) coming June!

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