Getting ready with Jess Green

Posted: Jun 30 2016

It’s always a pleasure dressing the stunning actress and model Jessica Green. Dressing models is always super easy. Not just because they’re stunning, but because they’ve been there and done it all before. From tans, to make up looks, to hair, to pre-shoot diet and exercise prep, and the key to taking incredible photographs and nailing their looks. They know all the tips and tricks to getting red carpet ready, and Jess is no exception!

Jess recently stunned at the Stage One International Film Festival wearing our Gold Goddess where she was hosting and announcing the release of her new film, starring as Rebecca in the Australian thriller Red Billabong. After working with Jess in the past we’ve gotten to see how down to earth she is, and experience her incredible work ethic. With the combination of humility, striking looks, and a nothing can stop me attitude, we know that Jess is going places. Jess is soon to be moving to America to live for 6-12 months to pursue her dream of landing a role in an American feature film.


Let’s hear what Jess has to say about getting red carpet ready!
What are the main things you look for when finding THE dress? 
I look for something beautiful and elegant that will stand out from the rest!
Who is your red carpet idol and why?
Thats a hard one! I’d say Candice Swanepoel. She keeps it simple but always looks strikingly beautiful! In saying that, you could put her in a paper bag and she would still look amazing haha!
Being a model you are always in incredible shape, but what type of exercise do you do leading up to a a red carpet event and what do you focus on?
I try to eat healthy and get in a few extra training sessions. I train at the Pilates Pad at Nobbys to build lean long muscles and then go F45 for my strength and cardio! It’s hard work but I love it!
Most customers want a flat tummy on their special night. Do you have any tips?
Green tea always works for me when I’m bloated.
What are your top 5 beauty tips/musts for a perfect red carpet look?
1) A beautiful natural looking tan. Being bronzed always makes everything look better! (I use Bella Bronze Tans as its such a beautiful colour, organic, doesn’t smell and you only have to leave it on for 2 hours!)
2) Dry shampoo!! Always gives me a little extra volume in my hair. I Love It!!
3) One or two key pieces of jewellery. If you wear too much it can be distracting! 
4) Flawless makeup! I use Mac’s Studio fix to make sure my makeup stays all night!
5) Make sure to take your lip stick in your clutch so that you can reapply. You don’t want to walk around half the night with lips that are half on!
What do you think makes a girl stand out on the red carpet?
I think all of it! Have a warm presence, be confident, and smile.
What is your skin routine and do you change anything during the weeks leading up to your special night?  
I use Mayella skin care, which is organic and chemical free. It leaves your skin looking and feeling amazing! I use this all year round so I’m ready for anything. 
When finding shoes for a red carpet event we all face the battle of comfort vs elegance.What type heel do you recommend for a night on your feet?
It’s that saying beauty is pain and in some instances I have gone with a shoe thats given me blisters but was perfect for the dress. But of-course make sure you can walk properly in them!







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